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PodSpy Experience Enhancement: Major Update with New Features
Nov 06,2023

Dear users, PodSpy update: major layout and feature upgrade! Experience the enhanced user experience and more value from our product. We will continue to update the product daily, so please stay tuned for future improvements. Contact our support if you encounter any issues. We value your feedback and always welcome suggestions for future enhancements. Thank you for your support and look forward to providing you with an even better experience in the future. Best regards, PodSpy team

Resolved Power Outage at Data Center
Jul 18,2023

Dear Users, We would like to inform you that the power outage that impacted our data center this past weekend has now been fully resolved and all services have been restored to normal. We sincerely apologize once again to any user who was inconvenienced by this. Thanks to the concerted efforts of our entire team, we have identified the cause of the problem and successfully restored the data and services. We have learned from this incident and have improved the stability of our system backups and power supply to prevent similar occurrences in the future. After a brief interruption, our services have now resumed normal operation. We appreciate your support and understanding once again. We will continue to strive to provide a more outstanding search experience. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. PodCs Team July 18, 2023

Recent Update on Jun 8th: Maintenance of Redbubble Features
Jun 08,2023

Dear users, due to Redbubble's upgraded measures to prevent data scraping, our Redbubble tool is unable to fetch data. We have decided to temporarily suspend the use of these features, and we will fix it as soon as possible. The estimated time for this fix is about 2-3 days, and we will announce the completion of the fix as soon as we can. Luckily, during this period, the Redbubble Tags Generator tool will remain accessible and usable. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but we hope that these Redbubble features can better serve our users.

New Feature:LIVE Research is now available
May 17,2023

Dear users, in our recent update, we have added the LIVE Research feature. that allows you to directly search for products on Amazon and other websites with opening new web pages, and provides multiple product options.

Recent Update on May 6th
May 06,2023

We have expanded the Redbubble Trends data sources, increasing the time period "weekly”. Additionally, a new "Best selling" section has been added, which uses a different algorithm than before.

Recent Update on April 19th: Social Media Holidays
Apr 19,2023

Dear users, in our recent update, we have fixed errors in the **Social Media Holidays** data. Now the calendar can better prompt upcoming holidays and events. We hope that users can take advantage of this tool to release products with potential business opportunities at the right time and achieve success!

Recently updates: New category and new display method.
Apr 14,2023

Dear users, in our recent MBA product research upgrade, we have added a new product category: "Phone Case". There may be a delay in the data time and quantity of the new product, and we will fix it soon. At the same time, on the search results page, you can switch between tile and list view to display products.

Etsy keywords research is now available!
Apr 10,2023

After our continuous improvement, you can enjoy is powerful tool now. It provides powerful Etsy keyword research functions, allowing you to intuitively see the search volume, sales situation, and search volume in different countries for this keywords etc.

Etsy Tags Generator is now available
Mar 16,2023

Our new feature will demonstrate how to quickly find popular Tags related to your product. No more worries about running out of inspiration. Combined with the Keyword Processor, this functionality can become even more powerful, allowing you to reorganize and make your products more relevant, easier to find, and purchase by customer.

The "Help" via link and All usage guides is available.
Mar 15,2023

We have recently updated the usage guides for each tool. You can find them in the Tutorials, or by clicking the "Help" button on each tool's page to navigate to the relevant tutorial. If you still need assistance, feel free to contact us via email. Our reliable customer service team is always available.

PodSpy is now available.
Mar 06,2023

We will update the curated list of best-selling products Every day. Currently, we update the popular ads and products from Facebook daily, and in the future, we will also include top-selling products from Etsy and Amazon.

Search Term Ranking function is available!
Feb 17,2023

Search Term Ranking data from Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA),Weekly update. It will help you see what keywords are hot this week and help you get better orders. The features are collected in the Merch By Amazon tool.

Redbubble Functionality Upgrade
Functional Optimization
Jan 30,2023

Because the Redbubble has added anti-capture function, many functions of redbubble module in podcs need to be re-upgraded. It is expected to be completed in about 1 week, and the data will not be updated temporarily during this period.

Newly integrated Photopea is now available!
Jan 04,2023

We have recently integrated the online PS tool. After testing, it's now working! It's in the tool, click on it and you can use it directly. Note: When you start using photopea, you may have the problem that the entered text is not displayed on the image. The solution to this problem is to manually switch the font when using it for the first time.

About the wrong data of Amazon
Dec 09,2022

1. Due to the revision of Amazon page, so a lot of data was grabbed in by mistake. We are fixing this matter, please don't worry. It is expected to be solved within 48 hours. 2. Favorite Amazon products. You can search for the keyword or title of the product directly in the search box. But tags can not be searched, by clicking the button below the search box has a tag to view the specific products within each tag.

Etsy Products Research is now available!
Dec 04,2022

1. After several content upgrades, Etsy Products Research is now available. It updates Etsy's hot products every day. Product information and keywords are also important to help more customers explore your Etsy store! 2. About subscription. When you have subscribed to PodCs, our system will all start the next bill automatically, no need to re-purchase again in the price page. Unless you want to start a new subscription after canceling it, then you can buy it again through the price page.

Archive is available now
Nov 02,2022

1. Archive function will help you see which some products sold well in the past. You can get design inspiration when you don't know what you want to design. 2. We have modified the information of the product display in the Merch By Amazon tool. Some users said in the Feedback function that they need to change the information in the bottom left corner to the release date, we accept the suggestion and update this information. Feel free to give us more suggestions.

Fixing errors
Oct 21,2022

1. Fix the situation that the user registration interface does not work 2. solved the error reported by Google one-click login 3.Upgraded the payment service

Merch By Amazon Basic Product Research is available
Sep 27,2022

In order to make it easier for you to use Merch By Amazon Products Research tool. We have added a basic version of the tool to the existing Product Research. You can choose from default match, exact match, and at least one word match rule for the basic version. Try the basic version of the search, and please contact us if you any questions.

Keyword processor has been improved
Functional Optimization
Sep 23,2022

1. We have added three new buttons to the Merch By Amazon product details page. You can send the text content to Keyword processor function for editing after clicking the buttons. 2. At the same time, we have added a new entry for saving directly to Note in the bottom right corner of Keyword processor function. You can save the edited content to the note by just entering the title. 3. Added tutorials for Seller Trends and Keyword processor features. Click the Tutorial on the left column or click the Tutorial button in the function to view the tutorial of the corresponding function.