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It is important for you as an Etsy seller to have the right product information and keywords because it will help more customers discover your Etsy store. If you don't do proper product research for your store and listings, you basically risk being overshadowed by your competitors. Our research tools make Etsy product research easy. Find the products to sell and optimize your listings with the right keywords.
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We list T-shirts with hot selling potential on Etsy. We put the above key information on the Etsy product listing page, product detail page, and improve your browsing efficiency.
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Multi-indicator product data

Each product has a detailed data analysis page, where you can see the title, description, category, rating and other information for each product. Highlights and descriptions are placed on the right side of the detail page, and product tags are listed separately for easy one-click copying. The most important thing is the line chart containing sales, favorites, ratings, and prices, which will be a very beneficial tool for analyzing competing products.
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Barbara P.
Merch By Amazon Designer
I’ve been using Podcs for a while and I think it’s simple and helpful. You can find an all-around excellent resource here. It helps me save a lot of time!
Redbubble Designer
Really good tool, free excess gave me a lot of help, I can do niches research now.
Redbubble Designer
An important tool for my POD businesses. There are several sections within it to use at every stage to select products, monitor competition, select keywords, and the list goes on.
Merch By Amazon Designer
Best POD tool on the market – it has everything you need to start and mange your POD business. And they keep on adding new features.
Merch By Amazon Designer
Podcs is always innovative. When we started online, all our time was spent on data crunching, and hours upon hours of digging the data, putting it onto excel sheets, crunching it and trying to work out what to do next. BUT Podcs collects it for you in a fraction of the time . Don`t know what we would do without Podcs.
Redbubble Designer
I love this tool, lot is covered. I learned so much from product research to keywords research. Very helpful for my POD business.