Find out quickly how much profit you can get with Esty profit calculator !

Updated at 2023-03-07 14:20:03

Use this powerful tool to calculate Etsy fees, Costs, and Profits, and learn how to price your items and increase your Etsy profits! It's easy to use and completely free.

If you expect to run a profitable Etsy shop, follow the 3 steps as below

01 Know the Etsy Seller Fees Structure

Each seller must pay 3 basic Etsy Fees.

√ Listing Fees

√ Transaction Fees

√ Payment Processing Fees

Some Etsy sellers will be required to pay 4 mandatory Etsy fees, depending on their annual revenue, location, and listing currency.

√ Etsy Offsite Ads Fees

√ Currency Conversion Fees

√ Regulatory Operating Fees

√ Taxes

Before calculating Etsy fees, you should be aware that Etsy's fees & payments policy may change. On April 11, 2022, most Etsy fees remain the same while the transaction fee increased from 5% to 6.5%.

02 Document All Your Etsy Order Costs

What is the total cost of selling on Etsy? In addition to the basic Etsy Fees mentioned in step 1, you will need to calculate the following.

● Labor Costs

● Material Costs

● Shipping Costs

● Etsy Onsite Ads Costs

● Subscription Costs (Etsy Plus)

● Etsy Pattern Costs

● In-person Sales Costs

Note that calculating and recording the total costs regularly will save your moneyoffer a perfect selling price, and streamline your business operations.

03 Use Etsy Fees & Profits Calculator

Pricing products and calculating profits are not easy. Our Etsy Fees & Profits calculator will help you with that.

√ Easy-to-use. Our Etsy calculator provides a clean, dynamic interface.

√ Automatic calculations. Once you fill in or modify values, our Etsy calculator will calculate or recalculate in seconds.

√ Break-even Analysis. Based on your revenues and costs, our Etsy calculator automatically generates profits and margins for you.

Using Esty Profit Calculator is very easy. Simply input values on the left and view the results on the right. Done!


Below the calculator, we mentioned some frequently asked questions to help you better understand it.

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