Etsy product research! Find the Best Selling Items On Etsy !!

Updated at 2023-03-07 14:31:58

Etsy is a global online marketplace where people can collaborate to create, sell, buy, and collect unique items. If you want to sell your POD products here, it's best to research which products sell well and their sales data before doing so. Etsy product research can save us a lot of time and costs to help us make money faster.

Now let me quickly guide you through how to use this powerful tool. On the Etsy product research page, we provide a lot of filterable conditions. Don't feel overwhelmed, I will show you how it functions step by step.

Firstly, in the basic search section, we can select the Category, Product type and Shipping location. on labels, you can choose Etsy pick and bestseller, or leave it blank. Then enter a keyword to search for.

You can also select Advanced Options to refine your search results. and each option there is a help button to explain what it is for if you are in doubt.

After selecting a period, you can enter a keywords and sellers you want to exclude for filtering. More conveniently, you can click "Save Filter Conditions" to save the input search settings for future use. Otherwise click "Reset Options" to reset all options and make new one.

Within the search results, we have detailed information about the product, including Photos, Title, Labels, Product ID, included Tags, Shipping Location, Current Price, Publication Date, Store name, Production time, and Shipping Time. etc

Next are the 7-day sales & total sales, number of comments, and the number of times it has been favorited. As the data is constantly being updated, we can see these numbers go up and down. In the "icon" option, you can jump to the Etsy page of the product or add it to your favorites.

Click the Detail button to access the product's detail page for more information and charts.

On product's detail page you will find additional details such as Highlights, Description, and you can select and copy the product's tags.

Go to the chart that displays sales, price, reviews, and favorites. You can view data over longer periods by selecting daily, weekly, or monthly.

Now that you've learned the basics of Etsy product research, we hope you've been inspired and are ready to jumpstart your business!~