How to use Keywords processer

Updated at 2022-09-21 14:49:31

Hey everybody I want to talk to you about our keywords processor tool. This tool made up of a bunch of different parts and he became better once all those parts were animated put together.

Well that's what we do with keywords individually. They're okay but when you put them all together and you clean them up and make it all one cohesive thing. 

I want to talk about this very quickly. I brought in 3204 characters worth of keywords that's 260 total words from magnet from a magnet search on baseball gloves. 

If I want to remove duplicates and you can see baseball is mentioned multiple times. here in gloves the same thing these will all get removed as duplicates all I have to do click remove duplicates. So much easier to manage this would have been insane to to work with.

now maybe I want this on one word per line I would click One word/phrase per line. I hit process again it's going to take just about one second and then it comes up one word per line.

If I want to sort this by the words that appear the most. Because if somebody is searching for terms like this. I want to use the words that are being used the most in search results or in search phrases. There's a thing called frequency here and this is going to pull up the words that are used the most right now and it was in descending or ascending.

But baseball is the word that's used the most. Eat is the second. you've met see these are good keywords

If you want to remove characters . You would just right now these are all protected in here - quotes commas and periods. I could just delete the ones that I don't want to show up here and they'll get rid of it. 

I want to protect numbers because it stripped out all these numbers. These are important. So I'm going to protect the numbers process it again very important that I completely forgot about that now you can see the numbers are actually showing up. 

If you want to save something manual let's say I'm done with this this looks really good I can click Save to Note and I could call this you know baseball glove keywords okay hit OK and this way I can access at any other time it's in my note.

You can do so much you can. Remove any words that start with a specific term, and remove phrases that contain a specific term. 

Just play around with this, you can sort things alphabetically okay right now. It's Z to a now it's a to z starting with numbers or originally how it was by length. If I want to search by smallest number of characters to largest number of characters click it one more time and it reverses it and again by frequency.

This for all of my keyword research when I'm bringing things in to clean it up  and then I'll take this when I'm done and I'll either copy it I'll save it.