MBA Archive is a magical historical time machine and comparison tool.

Updated at 2023-03-06 21:50:57

When certain special days are approaching, we certainly won't miss this opportunity to boost product sales. However, it's also worthwhile to check from the time machine function(The MBA Archive) before we launch new products. Then we can have some data and information from historical archives to provide us with reference, and help us to earn money more easy, isn't it?

So we click to enter the MBA Archive function, we will see a familiar search bar.

At Marketplace, we can select the country market and Product show what we search for, then the Brand show us they are infringing or not. (The search results are defaulted to “Unofficial” because we don't want you to accidentally list infringing products and get taken down by Amazon. Of course, you can manually select “Official” if you need.)

Now let's go back to the past ?

For example: March 17th will be St.Patrick's Day. We certainly need to be prepared of many green stuffs, but before that, we can choose a period from last year and select its BSR ranking during that period.

By clicking on Search, Voilà ! Now we have all the designed products that are the bestsellers at that moment.

From the displayed results, we have its Past BSR ranking, real-time BSR ranking, sold volume, price, time of launched, and reviews volume ~~

Move the cursor on the image, there are more options to operate, such as more information (same as the “detail” button), or directly jump to the Amazon store interface, or add it to your favorites. And you can even download the material directly on your pc or click to modify it in Photopea inside the PodCs !

By clicking on “more info” or the detail icon, we can enter the product Design details page.

At the top of the page. We have the Country Market, ASIN number, Release date, Last Update, Price, and Royalties of the product. And some powerful tools such like TM Search, Calculator and Trademark Check.

At beside, you have the Bullte points, the Description and the Reviews, all these information are important to help a product sale.

Next, we got the keywords used, pike up one or more keywords that you like to copy or copy all of them at one time. Each word has two numbers beside, They respectively represent the frequency of occurrence (in parentheses) and the recommended rating (the higher the value, the more worth to try)., click the  to have more information.

At last. Is the trend chart, which includes the product Historical BSR and Price changes, and it's ranking in various departments. It's very detailed, isn't it? Or check out other similar products on below.

Finally, I hope this powerful time machine will take you to find the treasure!! lets making money~!!