Why these products been deleted? ?

Updated at 2023-03-07 14:44:10

On MBA deleted products page, we can see all the products that have been removed, the purpose of creating this tool is to analyze why these products were removed, so that we can ensure that our products can be successfully shelved and stay there longer. And be found by more customers!

-These products may be officially taken down by Amazon, possibly because of Trademark infringement, Image infringement, Copyright infringement, Keyword infringement, and violation of Amazon's policies, etc.

-They can also be taken down by the Merchant themselves, because the heat of something has ended, or simply because the design is bad and no one wants it, the style is changed, a new version is coming, etc.

It is very important to use these information.

Select a Market (currently only the US market is supported), and select a product, you can sort by BSR rank, review, price, newest, oldest and new delete. Then select a period you want to check.

Input a word then check the results that appear for the information you want, and you can download the design of the product, or click on the detail of each deleted product to see its MBA design detail page.

On the MBA design detail page, you will get the same design detail as the other products on sale, including their BSR and price change chart. But please note, that the data for this item only have dates until the date it is removed from the shelves and will not be updated anymore.