When is the best time to launch our product? And how’s the competition.

Updated at 2023-03-06 16:39:35

Sales estimation is a counter-checking system, we have two data engines, one provided by PodCs and the other by Keepa, the two data will be different because they come from different Database, we recommend to use Keepa as the default data engine. Because it has more data?

We can use this tool to get the sales information of this product, by entering the ASIN number of the product, we get the data including Photos, Titles, Release time and Ratings.

Copy the ASIN number to the PodCs MBA Sales estimation.

Then have for each month:

Estimated Sales: estimated monthly sales is based on the BSR of the category, this ASIN belongs to, to get the corresponding monthly sales. It is only based on the correspondence between BSR and daily sales volume, without considering other factors.

Estimated Revenue: estimated Revenue=Estimated Monthly Sales* Avg. Price

Price Change:

And on daily sales charts below, the duration of time can be adjusted by dragging the time selection area.

The chart allows us to analyze the characteristics of a product. For example, in the above chart, we can see that its BSR and sales data are up & down, by this we can know that it is a certain seasonal product, on the contrary, if the BSR and sales data in the chart are always stable, then maybe it is an Evergreen product. With this research, we can decide to launch your new product at the most appropriate time.