MBA brand products : Don’t fall in that hole.

Updated at 2023-03-07 14:58:36

On the MBA Brand Products Research page, where we can view all the brands and their products, this tool is generally designed to be used in the case of infringement.

Unlike the TM search tool, the MBA Brand products search looks at the Brand's existence and products under this Brand category.

We can search for a keyword by selecting the country, the product and sort by ranking, on the resulting page we can see the official Brand and its trademark products. Each product has a yellow BRAND icon in the left corner on the thumbnail, which means that the product belongs to that Brand (just like you can get the same result when you use MBA product search and select “ALL” on Brand option).

Accordingly, you can still see the product's BSR rank, sales, price, release date and reviews volume on the thumbnail.

Click on the detail button to enter the design detail page of the product, and use the Trademark Check tool to see all the protection information in the Tittle, Bullet point and text Description.