Merch by Amazon Keywords Research Analysis Tool Tutorial

Updated at 2022-03-28 12:59:38

How to choose a precise keyword has always been a difficult problem for Print on Demand. How to write keywords/tags? How to choose one most appropriate word among several words with the same meaning? How to expand more related keywords on the premise of identifying the main keywords?

That’s the reason for why PodCs has launched the Merch by the Amazon Keywords Analysis tool.

Currently, Merch by Amazon Keywords Analysis tool is divided into 3 functional modules, which are Keywords Research, Reverse ASIN Lookup and Keywords Generator.

Today, I’d like to introduce the Keywords Research function to you:

  1. To help sellers use keywords to optimize listing, PPC advertising and SEO.
  2. To help sellers estimate keywords/nichesrequirements, and determine the keywords trends and designing life cycle.
  3. To help sellers use keywordsto explore a good design inspiration.
  4. To help sellers use keywordsto dig andanalyze the similar designs.

A good title is directly affecting the exposure and conversion rate of our design, more directly, it’s the PPC advertising. The keywords for advertising and the level of bidding are directly affecting our orders.

In the past, keywords are filtered by the automatic reports, which takes at least two weeks to accumulate a certain amount of data before filtering. However, the support period of Amazon’s new design traffic is only one month, and it maybe too late for us to find a keyword.

The function of PodCs Keywords Research can help you select a keyword in the early stage of design, which could obtain a large amount of traffic during the support period of new products. As long as you choose the right keywords in the early age, the products can be exposed naturally after they are put on shelves.

Next, we take the keywords “70th birthday” as an example.

In the search box of Keywords Research, enter “70th birthday”,  and click “Search”, you will get 200 related keywords and their data details.

Merch by Amazon

Let’s take a look at the search results, and sort them by monthly search volume, from highest to lowest.

If you mark “70th birthday” as yellow, you will see that most of the keywords are related to 70th birthday. Therefore, the principle of Keywords Research is to match the real search keywords of most buyers  on Amazon based on your search term itself, including the “70th birthday”. If a keyword has a certain search volume, it will be displayed.

So, how do we use the data obtained from Keywords Research?

  1. Use Keywords Research to find relevant keywords and get more precise words, which can be used to optimize the design theme ofMBA products or other platforms such as Redbubble and Etsy. 
  2. Discover niches and understand the search data of niches. Combined with the Products Research function, we will dig out a lot of niches. We would get a lot of reference value datawhen we search keywords in Keywords Research, determining whether these keywords are worth doing. By multiplying the search volume by the conversion rate, we can probably have a prediction of the product sales.
  3. Compare the values ofSearche Volume in current month and the first three months, and check the Growth Rate (last 3 months), you will find that the keyword traffic is in the flow of rising or falling period.
  4. Understand the competitivenessof keywords. The specific Opportunity Scoreof Keywords Research can help you quickly identify the value of keywords.
  5. Click on the Google Trends and historical trends in Operation to see the traffic cycle of thiskeyword and its traffic trend.

Above of them is the initial introduction to the functions of the Keywords Research. If you have more questions, you can communicate with us in our community or via email.