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Updated at 2022-03-08 16:25:54

This article is a tutorial on how to use Redbubble Trends.
Please click on the [Redbubble Trends] link to fully describe the features.
This tool is free, and you can register and use it immediately.

The Redbubble Trends tool helps you know the latest trending keywords on Redbubble every day. These trending words are usually searched by a large number of buyers in a short period of time.

We prefer to help you pick popular topics through big data analysis, and provide suggestions to increase your sales such as the price of tag. The trend keywords analyzed by our tool can also be applied to other platforms such as Teepublic, Spreadshirt, Teespring, etc.

Now, I will explain different data in this page:

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Trending: Means core Tags / keywords, we constantly analyse with Redbubble's trending keywords to get what recent buyers usually search for on Redbubble.

Competition: is the degree of competition. This data is mainly analyzed based on the number of all products and competitors, also combined with Trending keywords. Usually, keywords with large search volume will have a high degree of competition, but if you can identify the core keywords and Design, there are still many opportunities for finding a hot products.

Products : this refers to the number of products that will be found by searching for this keyword.

Best Sellers: this will show the top ten hot-selling products under this trending keyword. Click on the product can directly enter into the Redbubble page.

Rating: Rating has a total of 5 stars, 5 stars is the highest, 1 star is the lowest trend. We calculate different star ratings for each keyword by analyzing different keyword combinations.

To be simplify, the keywords with 5 stars will be more popular and easier to place orders, and the popularity will be gradually decrease until 1 star.

Click Rating History, you can see the star history of this trend keyword, so you will know how long this trend keyword is popular. The future trend could be judged by this data. For example, this keyword has 5 stars for a long time, Maybe the search popularity of this keyword will go into a downward trend.

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Operation is some corresponding functional operations, such as bookmarking this trend keyword, or checking whether it is registered in the global intellectual property rights, and getting search results from Amazon as well as Google Trends.

Top 3 Category:  this is the category distribution analysis from the top 108 hot-selling products under this keywords. For example, for the new lunar year keyword, the top three product category that are easier to sell are t-shirts (42% ), stickers (31%), greeting-cards (7%).

TM stands for Intellectual Property Search

You can bookmark the keywords you are interested in

A   you can directly go into Amazon from A icon

G  is for Google Trends


Each trend word has more detailed analysis data. If you find a keyword that you are more interested in, you can click this button. Then go to the detail page to see more data.

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In the trend word details page, it is divided into 4 main data: Related Tags, Shops Competing, Average Price, Popular Color

Related Tags: It is mainly used for extending. Speaking generally, it is like a Tags Generator. When we prefer to use this trending word as a topic, we can fill in Related Tags to get more related keywords.

Shops Competing: Shows which Shops occupy multiple items among the top-selling products under this keywords. According to the rules of Redbubble traffic distribution, the more items you occupy, the more traffic you may get. (But we recommend uploading similar designs in different seller accounts, rather than upload similar designs in the same account) Therefore, if there are many Competitive Products in one Shop, it may indicate that the product sales under this keyword is good.


Average Price: It is mainly used to display the average price of different products under this trend word.

Still based on the rules of traffic distribution, we believe that if your product has a lower price, you may get better sales. But how much lower should it be? Through the data in Average Price, we can clearly see the average price of these products. In order to get better sales, you can set the product price lower than Average Price to get more traffic.

Popular Color: This data is mainly for T-shirts, which can let us know the colors of the hot-selling T-shirts under this trend keyword. Help designers or sellers to choose the main color of the product more accurately.



I will give you an example of how to find hot selling trends keyword:

First, I first saw the word lunar new year. I found that although the competition of this trend word is Very High, but the Rating is 5 stars. In fact, we suggest that as long as it's five stars, it's worth trying.

Now let's see the data for this trending word and consider how to do it:

Before starting, please note that, Podcs is essentially a tool for inspiration, not for copy. Please get more ideas from our data instead of copying other’s designs. The same design will not have many sales opportunities.


When the keyword we choose is lunar new year, we can first look at the elements of the designs ranked 1-10, and then look at the designs of other Shops in Shops Competing. We will mostly find Chinese New Year, tigers, flowers, peony, plum blossoms and other elements , and the tiger is the most element.

Therefore, we recommend that the design of the trend word lunar new year should include tiger as the theme, combined with Chinese New Year, flowers, peony, plum blossoms, Of course, these are not absolute, you can also go to Merch by Amazon Tools to use Products Research and Keywords Search tool for more keywords or design about lunar new year.

After that, we need to determine the product type. Through Top 3 Category and Shops Competing, we can easily know which product types are hot, and these should be the products we must choose.

About the price, we suggest that you can combine the price data under the trend word we analyzed, the price could be a little lower than the average price, which will help you get more traffic and clicks.

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The last is the title and Tags of each product. Which is quite important in the traffic rules. The title should include the trending keyword, and it’s better put it in the front position of the title. In addition to the tags motioned in Related Tags, we also recommend that you use the Keywords Analysis Tool to try to get more related keywords. (Because the data of Related Tags are from Redbubble, and the data from Keywords Analysis Tool is from other big e-commerce platforms such as amazon, Walmart, ebay, etc.)

In the end, just release your competitive product.