TM search

Updated at 2023-03-06 17:26:19

TM Research is tool allowed you to check the keyword or a trademark is protected or not , it is very important because our product may get take down by Amazon

And it’s very easy to use

At the search bar, input any keyword we're planning to use, then select the country of TM Office depends on which marketplace that you sale products for. On Status, we got four Selection:ALLpendingActive and Inactive.

Then we have the niche class, each number represent a products category. Select one that suitable on your products or just leave it on All.

Once we got search results, we got the most important information including: the Brand, the holder, the country of TM office, the Niche class, the Status, the Application Date and the TM reference number.

By checking the color of the status, we suggestion :

The GREEN (Inactive): we recommend uploading your product to cause low risk.

The YELLOW (Pending): A group has submitted an application to the TM Office, it may be taken on any time on the future, like the second days of our product been upload. Or maybe not. Anyway: risk.

The RED (Active): Do not use that keyword or any element on the product. Or upload it. ⛔️

Now , have all the knowledge to use TM Research, let’s make money safely !