Guide:MBA Product Design Detail Page

Updated at 2023-03-06 17:16:12

On the Design Detail Page, we have all kinds of information clearly, You may feel confused and don't know where to start using it if you are new sellers. But don't worry, in this article, I will show you as much details as possible how to use it, to help you get familiar with it and get into the MBA business quickly.

Firstly, on this page, we can see the product details, its photo, which contains its BSR rank, the Sold Volume, the Price, the Trend from the last data, and the Reviews Rating.

Next to it we can see the merchant's information, Product title, Marketplace, ASIN number, Release date, Updates, Price and Royalties, and some of the tool we support, such as TM Research to check Brand usage situation, Profit Calculator to quickly calculate your approximate profit, and the Trademark check to finding possible infringements in the product titles, bullet points and descriptions, by knowing how to use them will save us much time and reduce potential risks.

Moving to the right we can see the Bullet points, Description and Customer reviews, we can even use the Keywords processe to quickly extract the words and phrases to generate our own unique data to quickly saves us time and cost.

Next, we got the Keywords used, pike up one or more keywords that you like to copy or copy all of them at one time. Each word has two numbers beside, They respectively represent the frequency of occurrence (in parentheses) and the recommended rating (the higher the value, the more worth to try)., click the to have more information.

At last. Is the trend chart, which includes the product Historical BSR and Price changes, and it's ranking in various departments. It's very detailed, isn't it? Or check out other similar products on below.

By now, you should understand the use of this page, and if you have any questions, you can also leave a comment to let us know, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.