Merch by Amazon Keywords Generator Tools Tutorial

Updated at 2022-03-28 13:09:24

Having talked about the Merch by Amazon Keywords Research tool and the Reverse ASIN Lookup tool, let’s now talk about the Keywords Generator tool. This is a tool to expand your keyword inspiration and ideas, to find new associative keywords under the premise of a good keyword, which can also be used to find a design inspiration related to the keywords.

In fact, this tool is not only for Merch by Amazon, we believe that all Print on Demand industries can also use it.

The principle of Keywords Generator is to constantly collide with the prompt words in the search box of the shopping platform, and all the data displayed by the system are real-time results.

For example:

Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon

We can see from these two pictures, when I type “funny”, the prompt words in the search box of Amazon are the same as the data returned by the Keywords Generator function, which is the most basic principle of the Keywords Generator function.

We all know that the prompt words that can appear in the search box are valid with a certain search volume.


Of course, you can choose 3 times, then you will get a very large number of related words around “funny” in real time. Combined with the Keywords Research tool and Reverse ASIN Lookup tool, you can find those keywords that have more traffic and use those words to design for yourself.

We also support deep keyword mining on multiple e-commerce platforms.

Amazon, walmart, eBay, Shopee, newegg, Cdiscount, and later we will put up more platforms on this system.


Perhaps you may have a question, I only do Merch by Amazon, is it necessary for me to know the keywords from other platforms?

This is our understanding: Although the scale of each e-commerce platform is large or small, products and customer groups may be slightly different, but people’s shopping needs are similar. Information is always asymmetrical, if you can find it, your opportunity will come. Be flexible to find out the popular keywords or niches from other e-commerce platforms other than Amazon, and put this design on Amazon which  may turn out to be a hot selling product.


OK, the full set of Merch by Amazon Keywords Analysis Tool tutorial is finished, we’ll update it constantly with various new functions. If you find any new functions, please contact us for development.