Merch by Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool Tutorial

Updated at 2022-03-28 13:03:50

What is Merch by Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup? 

Reverse ASIN Lookup is a tool to identify the keywords that drive traffic to the ASIN which is based on the ASIN you entered, that is, the words that actually expose ASIN to us. You can not only use it to identify the ASIN of competitor’s items to optimize your own listing (Desgin) and PPC ads according to the traffic of your competitor’s items, but also you can reinspect your own ASIN to confirm the sources of search traffic and adjust the keywords.

Merch by Amazon

So, how to use the Reverse ASIN Lookup tool?

First, select the ASIN you want to query, and after that, select your target country, copy this ASIN to the search box, and click search.

Then the system will show the keywords that bring traffic to the ASIN.

We can see there are a total of 100 traffic terms which would be sorted from highest to lowest according to the the traffic they bring to this ASIN. We will label the main keywords, such as Precise traffic words, Main traffic words, etc.

Traffic Ratio means the proportion of traffic brought by that traffic word in this ASIN, the larger the proportion, the more important the word is to this ASIN, you can further query the specific search traffic of this keyword.

If you want to analyze a keyword in more detail, the Operation is in need. It is to view the search volume data and historical trends of this word, and Google Trends data and the search results page of the keyword in Amazon.

Compared to the various keywords filled in the background, the keywords which are queried by the Reverse ASIN Lookup tool are the core keywords bringing traffic to our products.

In a word, Reverse ASIN Lookup is a very powerful tool, we can easily see through many products and find more niches by using it.

Later, we will upgrade more functions. This tutorial will be updated at any time, and this function will also be available in the Chomre plug-in version.


How often is the data updated, and how long is it?

  1. Fullyupdate once a month and a minor version every 1-2 weeks.
  2. Priority will be given to updating the US site, followed by the five European sitesand others.
  3. Once updated, all the sites are updated, there is no occurrence that some ASINs are updated butothers are not.

Why could I reinspect no keywords in the ASIN I entered?

  1. This ASIN may bea new product that has been put on shelves in the last 1-3 months. There is nosearch traffic at the beginning of the launch, if you want to get some results, it must have a certain amount of traffic and exposure query.
  2. ThisASIN traffic is so small thatthere is no keywords.

What is the principle of Reverse ASIN Lookup?

  1. First,we track and analyze the actual keywords searched by users for a long time, and sort thesemassive words by their popularity.
  2. Analyze the traffic words of each ASIN, and calculate thepopularityof these traffic words for that ASIN through an exclusive algorithm.