Have you set the Amazon product keywords correctly? Follow these steps to increa

Believe that a lot of small white have experienced after release the products found that only exposure, no one point, sales or very little, and his is followed the online tutorial to set up the above, there is no error theoretically tutorial, setting is no problem, but neglected the conform to their products, but also not fully use the data to make reasonable analysis. Here's how you can improve your merch by Amazon sales through data analysis.


Let's just pick up a random term and look at the data that the tool gives us.

 merch by amazon

We found that the keywords used in these four products are "shirt". The index of data is very high, but the sales volume is not very high, they are very small, and the price is almost the same. If it is your product, how do you think you should improve sales? I believe that many people will say that increasing keywords is really a good way, so how to increase keywords reasonably? Let me give you an example to get the idea


Example: You have a thousand people in front of you, 500 boys and 500 girls. When you want to find a few men out of 500, you can't say men raise their hands, you have to add some criteria, like "height, age, weight, skin color, looks..."

Only if you have enough detailed information can you find the people you are looking for.


If the example above makes sense, let's look at the following image:

 merch by amazon

System will provide products according to your search keywords and keywords, long tail word at this time, you can add the corresponding keywords according to the logic, because we don't know the words will satisfy our products, this kind of thing can't be sure if you don't have a certain experience at this time we want to do the retrieved keywords well group, completes the MBA keyword analysis, Each set of keywords corresponds to each product, and then over time see which words generate exposure and which words generate sales, so that effective words don't get screened out.


merch by amazon

We can also according to the above graphic judge what is the future trend of the product, of course this will be combined with properties of their products, pay attention to the dynamic of the society, just like some product data at ordinary times are very poor, but in rising immediately after a certain period of time, we will see because what reason is caused, analysis of the data conform to their products, Put it into use immediately if it does.


To improve, data can only be used in combination with their own analysis, rather than in accordance with the methods given by others, mainly from the market, customer analysis.

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