Solving these six problems can improve the level of online stores

After running The Redbubble store for some time, did you encounter a bottleneck? However, no matter how you run the store, you cannot improve it again. It is not that you are not good enough, but that you have already done very well. Now let's take a look at these six problems. Do you have your analysis of whether your products also belong to these six problems?
The price
Price is a lot of people will consider a level, with the style of the hat some expensive some cheap so that we will define according to the price, divided into three stalls, respectively: the highest price, the lowest price, the median price. Take a look at your product's data and see what groups of people belong to in these three stalls and which group accounts for a large proportion. Then you can push as many good products as possible in this price range.
 redbubble trends
As can be seen from the picture, the middle price accounts for a large proportion, so since there are so many competitions, we should do a good job of product investigation and analysis in each price range according to our actual situation, and suggest to try more at the median price.
Product character
Each product should have its personality, rather than random; we still take the hat, for example, the cap on the pattern or text must match the colour of the cap itself so that people can look at it very comfortable from the following picture, we can see that these several styles of hats have their personality.
 POD trends tool
Have pets, music, fishing enthusiasts, SCP and so on, each kind of hat can correspond to the right people, see the colour of the cap and the corresponding design we can associate to buyers put on after, this is the product character, the first clear what product you're going to sell this group, this group like the colour and design most is what, We can launch several styles for testing to find out suitable products.
We can also give the product on the corresponding festival theme like this Halloween, is certainly a pumpkin design product sells well, after all, is in line with the related festival, or is reflected in the title above, such as a product we can get according to the festival to give not the same as the title, must the effect with a pumpkin pattern only suitable for Halloween? Of course not. Besides, we have to prepare the goods and analyze the crown before the holiday.
Google Trends
I think this tool can solve these problems well. You can input the keywords of the products you want to sell to query the areas where the search volume is high. It will also recommend the relevant search terms, which can be appropriately added to the product's description so that the appropriate people will also search for it when searching to improve the exposure of the product. If you don't have a lot of searches for terms that you can't find on Google Trends, you can use the POD tool to improve the fit of your keyword title. The POD tool can also help you analyze your competitors.
 redbubble trends
The data of many products will be provided so that we can improve the overall situation of the store by combining the problems mentioned above.
The material
I believe in making more people concerned about the material problem, if it is clothes, wear in the body, often wash, whether to bear or endure dirty, all kinds of issues, such as multiple cleaning will cause deformation, we can choose the supplier to select more a few, buy a few pieces of sample test, so also can get oneself experience to provide customers, don't believe anyone can refuse
Believes that the problem is the biggest headache. Sometimes a word or a picture can cause a copyright problem; when we release the product can not only take into account the above said to the five questions but also check the title, design, whether there is infringement, only no problem we will release, otherwise will be detected the big problem, are willing to receive the lawyer letter. We wanted to make money on Redbubble or Amazon, not lose money at the end.
After all, if you want to run an online shop well, there are still a lot of problems to consider, not only the above six points but the six questions are often encountered. We will give detailed answers according to your questions in the later stage, hoping to help you. If you have other opinions, you can leave a message for discussion.

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