What is the process of print on demand?

Did you ever see shirts, backpacks, water bottles, or shoes that look identical but possess different types of brand names printed on the product? This is due to print-on-demand copyright, where customized designs are printed for similar products and sold under different brand names.


There are wide varieties of eCommerce businesses; one option is print on demand. POD or Print on demand is a type of business where you have to deal with a 3rd party supplier and add your designs to customize white-label products. POD services include products sold per item along with your attached brand name or a printed customized design on the goods you have sold via your website. You will be paid for a product only when a customer places an order and gets printed by the 3rd party supplier. When a client makes an order, your supplier manages everything from printing to shipping services.


How print on demand service works? 

A Print-on-demand business is a fulfillment service where orders will be placed for certain products in your store. Once orders are placed by customers with you or your store, for instance, a custom shirt, then the complete job is handed to a third-party supplier who prints the products as per the order, makes arrangements for the packaging, and performs shipping services to make it reach to the customers.


The process of print on demand starts with selecting a reliable supplier with whom you’ve to work with, customizing different white label products, and including your own designs so that they get sold on a per order basis. You won’t be paid for the item unless it gets sold, so you need not hold inventory or purchase in bulk.


How much is the print-on-demand business successful? 

The success of a POD business depends on your targeted audience, your products, and the audience's requirements. Your monthly income from print-on-demand business will depend on the fees of the print provider, the total orders placed by customers with your store, and the selling amount of your item.


How does a print-on-demand business operate? 

The concept of POD is quite popular among publishers and booksellers. This business model works on one simple principle- printing after placing an order. Print-on-demand businesses use a different technique, and this method comprises the production of goods only after a customer request to decrease waste and expenses. The common print-on-demand products include t-shirts, coffee mugs, hoodies, etc.


When print-on-demand companies receive an order from a client, that order is sent automatically to the print provider. You get notified with a tracking number about the shipment of your order and its delivery. This is why POD is a solution for independent artists and small companies who can carry business without worrying about supply chain or storage.


Most POD companies work on JIT or Just-in-time inventory model that allows manufacturers to lower overhead expenses. The process of inventory management of these POD companies is easy and simple. For instance, if the POD product is t-shirts, the inventory required is just plain, differently sized t-shirts.

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